Triple Diamante Ejecutivo


Alena Hlavicová

Originally, I worked as a programmer. I successfully carried out the big responsibility and was well paid too. But I felt that it was not the calling of my life.

Today, I have been dealing with distribution of natural health supplements for 20 years. It has not been an easy work. Actually, most customers who were sick people were forced to re-evaluate their approach to financial investment of their health. The people in my country is slowly beginning to invest money into diseases prevention measures. At the time when they were diagnosed with severe health issues, they are willing to pay and look for treatment. Sometimes it works, but most of the time it is just too late to treat and find cure to it. It is not an easy work, but I am happy to do it.

When I first found the information that in the market, there is an effective natural substance which is the extract of Ganoderma mushroom fused with coffee, I really appreciated this brilliant invention. Drinking coffee is a pleasant everyday routine that we look forward to. We surely don't forget to make coffee and the price of a cup is affordable for everyone.

I started my journey with DXN with big enthusiasm and effort. I was working from morning until evening, and I felt as if I have no enough time in a day. I was deeply impressed by lectures given by the founder and CEO of DXN, Datuk Lim Siow Jin and Mrs. Jane Yau at the first meeting in my country. If we swap regular coffee with DXN coffee, we can see the positive changes in relatively short time. Starting from then, people started to drink DXN coffee and maintain their health with other DXN products.

Even people with minimal business experience quickly realise what a huge potential lies in this extraordinary business offer. Because I am originally a programmer, I often work online. However, sometimes it is much better to have personal meeting. E-mails can’t replace the power of emotions, energy, eye contact and friendly smile. With face to face meeting, you can captivate more people to work along to realize the vision. On the other side, daily management and maintenance of my network online saves a lot of time. I can communicate effectively from my comfortable home with plenty of members at one time and send important information via internet to all my networkers in just few minutes.

DXN provides me not only long-term financial security, but the satisfaction of creating a solid foundation for DXN in the Czech Republic. It offers me friendly team, health prevention, economical security and creativity of meaningful services to many people. All these can be offered to people thanks to the great cooperation with the DXN company. I can meet new friends all over the world as well.

I am convinced that this type of offer comes to a person once in their lifetime. So don’t hesitate and let’s join us! For sure, you will strengthen your body in a very pleasant and easy way. And in the case of business cooperation, you will strengthen your finance as well.

With years of experience in the field of natural supplements and direct selling, I am here for you and looking forward to work together.

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